Skopos is free for beta use. Check it out!

With more feedback comes more releases. This month many new users have put Skopos through its paces and helped identify new use cases we need to solve for. Here are some highlights for you:

Skopos 0.14.16 was released on May 11, 2017. This minor update adds support for private authenticated image registries so now you can use private, proprietary container images while allowing the images to still be accessible and deployable globally.

Skopos 0.14.18 was released on May 23, 2017. This minor update adds support for secrets and support for disabling volumes. Here’s a quick review of the features and the benefits they bring to those using Skopos for continuous deployment.

  • Support for Secrets – This feature provides support for Docker secrets by exposing the ability to keep secret data – such as passwords, private SSH keys, SSL certificates, etc. – hidden and not show up in cleartext configs in GitHub or Docker Hub.
  • Support for Disabling Volumes – A developer convenience and timesaving feature that other stack deployment systems lack; the ability to disable volumes on a container for certain instances. In production, you normally want a volume to be on a database separate from the container, like in AWS EBS volumes, so that the data will survive the container in the case of failure, upgrade or replacement. However, when in development or testing, longevity or persistence of a volume isn’t necessary or preferred. Setting up empty volumes and having to wipe them or delete them for every temporary app instance is a hassle. Skopos instead allows you to disable the volume for development and enable it in production while still using the same application model.

The request for these features came in via our Gitter chat. Thank you to our community for sharing their ideas with us and helping test out the workflow.

Visit DockerHub to pull the latest release of Skopos and review our release notes for implementation details. If you’re new to Skopos or have any questions, reach out to us on Gitter.