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blog 6We’ve been talking with users about CI/CD recently and we’ve noticed that although numerous tools are available, both open source and traditional license, the required integration causes difficulty for many. Although advanced users are able to use the integration to customize operation and achieve CI/CD, many companies struggle. In particular, many that achieve continuous integration still can’t automatically get their tested software all the way to production. There seems to be an issue with continuous deployment.


blog 6v2
After one such discussion our CEO, Ross Schibler, sent me a link to a great article Uber recently published about their continuous deployment system, Micro Deploy. In the article they not only describe how Micro Deploy operates, they describe their requirements for the deployment system. (The article isn’t long so I’ll only restate their requirements here. You can read the rest on their blog.)

  • Consistent builds for different services
  • Zero downtime for upgrades
  • Early, automated error detection
  • Outage prevention
  • Reliable rollouts
  • Ease of use
  • REST API for deeper integration

blog 6v3Uber’s app, massive user base and budget mean their requirements are extreme. However, such an industry leader is an excellent reference point. Therefore, we figured it’d be useful to see how others feel they’re progressing so we put put together a short poll and we’ll share the overall results with the community here and on LinkedIn.