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blog 14If you’re like me, you always find the most uses for the simplest tools. For instance screwdrivers not only get used to turn screws, but often to open paint cans, to shim up doors during installation, and I’ve even used them to dig out roots in the garden.

VCTR, being a very simple tool, is finding new uses too. Today we discussed with a potential user how VCTR can be leveraged to add an easy check for new acquisitions.

When acquiring a company with online services, the acquirer needs to assess what liabilities they may be getting with the company. There are numerous steps to this process including looking for protection of IP, unauthorized use of others peoples’ IP, proper backup of code, and more. Somewhere in that process will be a check of running systems for vulnerability. However, many tools for that process can be intrusive or just plain hard to maintain. Until VCTR.

VCTR is lightweight enough to avoid the push back. There’s no maintenance. No integration. No agent. Just results.