Skopos is free for beta use. Check it out!

When we started working on blog 16VCTR, we knew we didn’t want to build a typical heavyweight system that required months of integration and training. We wanted to model our user experience on consumer products. Our goal was to be able to install the system and provide useful data almost immediately.

Today we got proof we’d achieved our goal. During a beta install, the team went through the typical remote install and started running basic queries with the user to show them how to use the system. The first results were puzzling, though. VCTR was highlighting a severity 10 vulnerability on systems that had just been updated. Was VCTR wrong? The team dug a little further, reviewing VCTRs detailed results looking for the vulnerable package and found a package that wasn’t supposed to be installed. Once it was removed, VCTR ran without flagging any unusual vulnerabilities.

Time to value; less than 60 minutes.